The first online acknowledgement tool that extracts information from notary documents


The solution that extracts information from notarial documents becomes the first online documentation tool on the market. IdNotarial is an application that uses artificial intelligence to extract information from notarial documents.

It is a very useful tool in the preparation of notarial deeds, given that this type of process usually lasts several days. IdNotarial helps you reduce execution time and free up your employees’ workload.

Transforming the Documentation
of Notarial Deeds with
cutting-edge Technology.

Agilidad, Seguridad y Precisión en Cada Paso

At Idnotarial, we redefine the process of obtaining notarial deeds by combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) with the robustness and security of blockchain.

Discover how our innovative solution is marking a new era in the legaltech sector:

  • Improved Efficiency: Our AI processes notarial deeds in minutes, significantly reducing wait times and increasing productivity.
  • Blockchain Security: Each document is immutably recorded in the blockchain, ensuring integrity and preventing unauthorized modifications.
  • AI Accuracy: Detailed analysis and verification of documents with a certified accuracy of over 86.5%, minimizing errors and ensuring legal consistency.

To whom?

Streamlining the Process of Proofing of Notarial Deeds with Cutting-Edge Technology

At Idnotarial, we transform the landscape of notarial deed collection, offering a unique solution for financial institutions, government agencies, insurers, lawyers and legal advisors. Our platform combines the precision of Artificial Intelligence with the security of blockchain, ensuring a faster, more reliable and secure process

For Financial Institutions

Optimize your legal processes with a secure, fast and reliable platform that guarantees the validity and integrity of each notarial document, essential for financial transactions and investment decisions.

For Government and Regulatory Agencies

Ensure speed, compliance and efficiency in notarial document management with our regulatory-compliant technology that provides secure, controlled access to vital information.

For Insurers, Lawyers and Legal Advisors

Simplify the verification and analysis of notarial deeds with our advanced AI, which significantly reduces processing times and improves accuracy, helping you make informed legal decisions quickly.

How does it work


Upload the notarial deeds to our secure platform.


Our advanced AI algorithms thoroughly examine each document, extracting and verifying relevant information.


We compare the data with current regulations and laws, ensuring its validity and consistency.


Each report generated is encrypted and stored in the blockchain, guaranteeing its unalterability and traceability.


Access complete analyzes and detailed reports, available for immediate review and use.

Frequent questions

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Idnotarial automates and reduces to minutes a process that today is carried out manually and takes hours. In addition, errors due to misinterpretations of the processed texts are significantly reduced.

Our AI performs extremely precise analyses, which are supervised by our expert backoffice team, offering a written guarantee of more than 85% accuracy. Additionally, our AI is constantly learning, which is why it becomes more efficient with intensive use of the platform.

We use blockchain to record each generated report in an immutable and secure manner, complemented by advanced encryption and authentication technologies to protect data and restrict access to only authorized users.

Yes, our platform is designed for a secure and very simple integration using market standards, such as APIs and Webhooks, facilitating management and access to information.

Idnotarial complies with all regulations and legal requirements necessary for the notarization process, ensuring that the documents generated are legally valid.

We have a dedicated back office support team to resolve any incidents and validate questions or problems that may arise, ensuring a fluid and efficient experience. Platform availability is guaranteed 24×7.

Absolutely. Idnotarial is ideal for a wide range of entities, from law firms to financial institutions, thanks to its adaptability and regulatory compliance.


The solution that extracts information from notary documents, becoming the first on-line acknowledgement tool in the IdNotarial market, is an application that uses artificial intelligence to extract information from notary documents.

It is a useful tool in the acknowledgement of notary deeds, given that such processes usually take several days. IdNotarial will help you reduce the time required for operations and relieve the workload of your employees.


  • Time savings and increased productivity. Easy to install on mobile devices.
  • Available for banking, financial, legal and commercial entities.

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IdNotarial extracts information from notary documents by means of artificial intelligence.

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